Questions before getting started?

Here are some common questions, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have another one.


What types of videos can I get?

In general, we want to deliver videos that are punchy and fall within 60 seconds. Blog posts converted into videos, FAQ videos, product explainers, podcast promotion, even Happy Anniversary videos are possible. As long as the content is already available, then we’re good to go.

How fast will I get my videos?

Your producer begins working within 1 business day of receiving your request. Simple jobs get completed faster than complex ones. We work on one video at a time. Once all revisions are complete, a video is marked as done. We then move onto the next video and so on. Be sensible! Personalized videos aren’t mass produced on an assembly line.

I want a video today. Can you help?

Our service is fast – but if you need help today, it’s probably best to find a DIY solution or pay a freelancer. We want to ensure consistent quality and so our process takes a few days to get rolling!

I am interested. What happens after I sign up?

First, you’ll go through our on-boarding process. This means we’ll schedule a call and make sure to get all your brand assets transferred to our team. You’ll also fill out a questionnaire to give us background information about your company, preferred video style, etc. Once that is complete you’ll be ready to use our service. We try to on-board new clients within 1-2 business days.

Does unlimited mean I can send in 200 video requests?

Yes! You can absolutely send in 200 video requests, but just remember that it takes 3 days to complete one video and that we work on one video at a time. We’re not robots. We make the videos from scratch and we want to make awesome videos. Also, we find that after delivery, it takes another day or two of revisions before a video is marked complete. Once marked complete, we start on the next… and so on. It means you could get 4-7 videos completed each month.

Are you serious?? I can get a video cheaper from those outsourcing sites.

No argument there. We’re not going to compete on price with sites that offer lower cost videos. We’re not in a race to the bottom and would rather provide high quality videos, a kick ass voiceover, no crappy elevator music and ease of communication, rather than just the lowest price. We’re also here for you to make sure the video’s right and don’t charge extra for additional revisions. That’s called peace of mind, y’all.

Can I choose the style of video I get?

Yep. After you place your order, we do a client intake with you and you’ll get to choose the video style (animated, photos with GIFs and/or video clips, text on plain backgrounds, or a combo of them all), the tone of video (upbeat, calm, etc.) and the type of music you prefer.

What’s the benefit of getting content like blog posts transformed into video?

One of the key benefits is that website visitors can watch a video, instead of reading your whole blog post, because people just don’t care to read as much anymore. The other benefit is that you can use the video as a lead generation tool on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube. And finally, having a video about a blog post (or any other content on your website) improves SEO because the video is made for people, while your blog post is read by Google.

What if I have long articles or blog posts?

For a video that will be 60 seconds of epic goodness, we’ll need to summarize whatever content you have, whether it’s currently short or long. We aim for around 150 words, which works out to about 50 seconds of voiceover, so there’s headroom for a call-to-action and/or transitions between scenes. This also allows text to be seen in each scene (see the clever use of homophones there?) so the viewer has time to read it if they have the volume off.

What if I want a different voice for my videos?

For now, we’re offering only the one voice to keep our overhead low and quality high. But we’ll definitely add more voice options in the future.

Is VideoVictory a start-up?

As of July 2017, yes. Video Victory is completely managed by Carl and Mike. We are pumping out everything from the video storyboards, video editing, voice overs, music to communicating with our clients. We are a startup but ultimately, we want to build a team of global experts that share our values and can produce great videos. As we’ve been in video and web marketing for over 30 years combined, we have a network of creators that we can turn to to get things done. We as the company leaders are refining the video process and will then bring in additional experts to help us expand.

If you are a video expert and like our mission, please connect with us.